Best cydia tweaks!

A:AirBlue sharing

The best app and everyone wants the feature which this app supports!


It will let you use your bluetooth file sharing with any other mobile phones!

just install AIRBLUE SHARING from cydia and start sending files from your iphone to other!
You need not to turn on iPhones native bluetooth just go to any music and click on it's right side blue arrow and you can send to any device.

So, the ain point is of receiving ???
just tap twice on the status bar(notification bar) and a popup box will open (this will discoverable your bluetooth for 120 sec.) and now you are enable to receive any thing from any deivce! 

B: BiteSMS pro

This will help you to get a pop-up box (with lots of features available) of a new message.
Just like GO SMS PRO in android this is the app for iPhone users!

C: Appsync for iOS 6

 This will let you install non purchased apps from the appstore to your iPhone using iTunes.
so, simple add some sources that i've mentioned in "Best cydia sources"

Go to cydia>search>appsync for ios 6
install it! enjoy playing your games!

D: Safari download manager!

  First of all let's download something to your iPhone which can be easily done by using:

it will let you download any type of file to your iphone's native browser that is safari.

Go to cydia>search>safari download manager>install>confirm.
And you are done!
Start downloading whatever you want!

E: 1: iFile

 2: Mewseek

3: safari download manager

 Now let's download music to your iphone & put it into your        music library directly!
For that you need to install above apps.

So, download any song using safaridownload manager and while starting download it will ask you path so give the path as


(or else open iFile and search what is the path of mewseek's downloads)

Now,start downloading your song, After finishing the downloading you need to open up MEWSEEK and go to downloads and you will see that your downloaded song is there so just cick on that and edit it's content like "artist,name" etc. and click on the button at top right corner ADD TO IPOD
so now open music library your song will be there!

F: Yourtube downloader

This will let you download youtube videos directly from you tube!
just intall it from cydia! first install each and every source which i have mentioned in "Best cydia sources" and then install!

G: Locktopus

The best Privacy app to lock any application on your iPhone.
just install locktopus and longpress on any application and you can lock that application with the password you want to give!

H: Barrel

That gives your iPhones home screen the best effects.

Install it from cydia ad enjoy!

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